Student Weekend Serving Opportunities

We encourage all teenagers who attend Grace Students to get involved in one of our weekend ministries and start serving. Each weekend, students have the opportunity to serve in one of the following ministries. 

When you sign up to help in one of these ministries on the weekend, you can expect to hear from a ministry leader soon! Thank you so much!

Guest Services Team

The Guest Services Team on the weekends are working to make lasting impressions on every member of Grace and every guest that comes to visit for a weekend service. Every person on the Grace campus should feel welcomed and loved by a member of the Guest Services Team. This includes: the Greeting Team, the Parking Team, and the Coffee Shop Team.

Grace Kids Team

Grace Kids encompasses each of the environments created for infants through 6th grade. The Grace Kids Team help teach children at Grace how to love each other and apply the truths in God’s Word through discussion and fun activities. Volunteers are needed for Check-in, small groups, activities, sound, and more.

Media Team

The Media Team is responsible for the production of the weekend services. They record every service and operate the sound and slides in the background. Media volunteers operate sound, roving and stationary cameras, and more.

Facilities team

The Facilities Team helps clean up during the weekend. They will gather trash, check the bathrooms, and clean any random messes throughout the weekend.