Small Groups

Where everyone can feel at home!

We believe that as the church grows larger we should also stay smaller. Due to the fact that we have such a large congregation, it is impossible for our pastors and staff to individually care for everyone who attends our church.

That is why we place a great deal of effort in our small group program. Our small groups offer opportunities to:

Study God’s Word together
Meet new friends
Discuss today’s issues and challenges in life
Pray, serve and connect with others

The best way to find a Small Group at Grace is to join us at "Group Launch".  This is a great way to learn about our Adult Small Groups and get started in a group.

Refine your search results by:
- selecting Day of Week, Time of Day or Area of Town

If you're interested in starting your own group, send an EMAIL 

If you're a small group host or member, we've created a Facebook group for you to join!  In this group, you will be able to find encouragement, tips and more from other members of Grace Church Small Groups!